Updates concerning CPC&P or more

Dark Kingdoms - Chapter I, version 1. 2. 2 Beta (Started December 21, 2009 at 4:07pm EST.)
(Note that the base essentials were provided by Jake "Master Jake" Chapell and we in no way take credit for his work.)
Update #1(12/21)
:The team successfully started the building blocks needed to begin. This included but not limited to: the globals, the intro, character customization and the works of the first town, Kalamar.
Update #2(12/23):
The team successfully continued working on Kalamar, the first town by added a unique battle system, a merchant system and town inn along with several monsters, creatures, and humanoids to battle.
Update #3(12/27):
The team bears down hard and starts to touch up and fix some bugs essential before moving on.
Update #4(1/1):
The team finishes up Kalamar and patches up a few things with dialogue and smooths out the rest of the gameplay along with adding a mini-boss.