Dark Kingdoms - Chapter I

And thus a young boy was born among us to bring peace where there is chaos, bring hope where there is suffering and bring prosperity where there is poverty...
Dark Kingdoms is a text-based roleplaying game based around the dark ages. In Dark Kingdom's - Chapter I the player discovers that an ancient evil is beginning to rise from the depths of hell and threatens Sargarth, the war-torn realm that is ruled by the race of man. Standing alone, out numbered, and with no hope left,
one adventurer sets out on an epic journey to save the land and restore peace... but will he succeed?

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Dark Kingdoms - Chapter I.

  • Fully detailed but simple combat system
  • Quests found while exploring
  • Merchant items along with a buy/sell system
  • Character Customization
  • 6 classes
  • Over 10 different monsters, humanoids, and lunars
To come:
  • 2 new towns
  • Tons of new items
  • New dialogue
  • Unrevealed story line
  • New classes
  • A new race, the Elves with their own starting position
No set release date is promised although the beginning of 2010 looks promising. Stay up to date with news, updates, tutorials, and more!