Command Prompt Coding & Programming

Command Prompt Coding & Programming (CPC&P) focuses around informative tutorials and examples that coders provide to the public. This method of teaching does not only inform the public on how to code using the Language of Batch but also provides practice for the coders themselves. Practice makes perfect and your definitely need practice.

The program cannot be mastered in a day or a week. It takes months to years to fully understand the essential features of the program. For instance, the team is creating a text based role-playing game themed in Fantasy Medieval times that follows the Epic and Heroic story of a young Apprentice who just learned of the death of his parents and rushes off to Magic Academy in Sargoth, a prosperous city. The code is taking days to weeks to creative and will not be done for another two months at the late date of December 28th of 2009.

Over the months, the team has learned quite a bit about coding the program and we provide tutorials to share our knowledge. What better way than learning is there than seeing and doing it first hand? Included in the "download" section of the website will be small base setups that you can download the begin. There are tutorials, like mentioned, to help you along the way. Many team members will tell you though that the best way of learning is by exploring the program for yourself and truly discovering the Language of Batch.

If at some point you feel you are ready to advance to more in depth coding programs you should check in on Python or explore another coding program similar to Microsoft, such as Mac.

Best wishes and regards,
The team